March 20, 2014

Wireless Infrastructure

Wireless Infrastructure in North Dakota.

ICTC Group has 4 wireless access points and provides broadband wireless internet to customers in North Dakota.

We function as a WISP, a wireless internet service provider, providing high speed broadband internet primarily over 900mhz unlicensed spectrum.  Two of our Wireless APs are mounted on high elevation structures, a water tower, a grain elevator while the other 2 AP’s are mounted on a self supported traditional tower and a guy wire supported tower.  All 4 AP’s have high capacity fiber backhaul.

We are interested in outdoor Wi-Fi networks, ground to air uplinks for Wi-Fi in airplanes, new towers, new backhaul and licensed spectrum in North Dakota.

We are also interested in Over The Air (OTA) Broadcast television.  We are especially interested in digital content delivery (Content Delivery Network) over digital TV sub channels.

Other uses new revenue from high elevation, high power, Broadcast TV antennas.

We are also interested in FM and AM radio station antennas.

We believe that traditional 1-way broadcasters become interactive (2-way communications). Broadcasters become ISPs.

Another example of wireless infrastructure is terrestrial (ground based) aviation and marine navigation antennas and licensed spectrum.

The graphic below shows the planes used in an ILS (instrument landing system) approach. The ground based ILS approach is being replaced by GPS. GPS has totally replaced LORAN for maritime radio navigation.

outer maker, middle maker, inner marker beacons not shown