February 25, 2014


Inter-Community Telephone Company, LLC, an independent rural local exchange carrier (“RLEC”), has provided regulated telephone and related services to select areas in North Dakota continuously for nearly seventy years. Inter-Community served a total of 1,774 telephone access lines, of which 1,209 were residential lines. The Company’s headquarters are located in Nome, ND and its service territory covers approximately 1,760 square miles, in the counties of Barnes, Cass, Griggs, Ransom and Steele in southeastern North Dakota. Within this area, Inter-Community has nine exchanges located in the communities of Alice, Buffalo/Wheatland, Dazey, Hannaford, Hope, Nome/Fingal, Page, Sanborn/Rogers, and Tower City.

Valley Communications, Inc., a competitive local exchange carrier (“CLEC”) provides internet, broadband data and other non-regulated services. Valley is licensed as a CLEC on a statewide basis in North Dakota. ICTC intends to continue to develop Valley’s CLEC business both within and outside the Inter-Community’s telephone service territory and invest in fiber optic technology to expand the broadband capacities of its network.

 For more Information visit: www.ictc.com