March 4, 2014


Dakota Carrier Network (DCN)

Dakota Carrier Network provides internet connections to businesses throughout North Dakota through its partnerships with 15 independent rural telecommunication companies. Along with their partners, they have 40,000 miles of fiber optic facilities deployed across North Dakota. These owner companies represent all the major local independent telephone companies and serve more than 164,000 customers in 250 communities – more than 85 percent of all the exchanges in the state. North Dakota has been honored by several publications and organizations as having one of the best data networks in the United States.

Rural Service Area (RSA)

Rural Service Area is a geographic area of population defined by the US Census Bureau. It represents the areas that are not within an MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area). Both areas were used by the FCC to geographically separate cellular frequency licenses granted to wireless carriers in the 1980s. ICTC owns a percentage of Rural Service Area #3 and #5.